Myth III on legendary

by Mike_HDF

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First of all, sorry if there are some grammatical mistakes, my english is not perfect.

I love the Myth series and recently replayed the 3rd game with the patch 1.3.1 in legendary and save most of the videos, except the most boring for me ("Forgotten lands" and "The crypt of Mazzarin"). I hope you like some of them.

Some info about the replays and tips about the levels:

01 - 1.3.1 Yursgrad

Haaard level. I attracted the Myrks using Connatch and mine their forces with the guards and berserks. When I was sure that the guards and Connatch will be Myrks' dinner for twentieth time, they flee and the level is won. Damned map...!

02 - 1.3.1 The Nest

As you would know, this level is one of the hardest on legendary difficulty. I managed to end the level 2 times, the first time without too much casualties (4 or 6 warriors down), taking the wrong impression that it was easy. I didn't save the replay and when I tried to repeat with even less loses, I sweat blood. This replay is the second one with only two survivors left (and I felt lucky). I think the key is to use the most narrow passage to fight against Myrkidias, not letting all of them to attack at the same time and try to use the Myrkidia giant's special attack against them. To the hell with this level.

03 - 1.3.1 Journey

This map was so easy after the 2 firsts that I can't believed, Some myrks group could be problematic, but not as hard. And I didn't know that the level ended going on a bridge in some corner, so I was running for all the map searching a wall or a hard army of the dark. Didn't like it. No casualties.

04 - 1.3.1 Pack mage

Boooooring level... full of soulless and ends by killing a bat-like Myrkidia. I don't think I will replay this in the future. No casualties.

05 - 1.3.1 Flight dark

Well... I love the silly but scary armoured Trows, I love the way they beat each other when they come in pairs. I killed the 4 giants in the level as fast as I could with the help of the archers to prevent the boring leg-to-leg attacks. No casualties.

08 - 1.3.1 Battle Myrgard

This map is good enough, I liked the final confrontation against Ghols with lots of flying corpes due to dwarf's satchel charges. No casualties.

09 - 1.3.1 Gates Myrgard

One of my favorites, not as difficult to defend as I remembered, lots of flying corpses of Ghols again. No casualties.

10 - 1.3.1 Imprisonment

Other level to be forgotten. The Tain is cool, but I wished I could use the dwarves too (not only at the very end, I mean). No casualties.

11 - 1.3.1 Eye of Thalor

Argh, another overgrown bat that has to be killed more than once time, duh. No casualties.

12 - 1.3.1 Llancarfan

Another one I love to play, with a big army against the dark. I put the archers and warlocks out of the wall and let the dwarves in the highest places to do the maximum damage to the enemies. It could be difficult, but the resulting replay is good. ¬°IMPORTANT! The explosions of Wrights crossing the water causes the game to crash for me, I advise to you to look to another place when there's one about to explode, (well, only if you had the same problem). No casualties.

13 - 1.3.1 Rod Callieach

Love the heroes kickin' ass in this map. The final Trows got some damage, I'm sure it's possible to win with Sardonae's power. No casualties.

14 - 1.3.1 Bonds Oghre

I know this is a hated level, and very hard to beat,... but I love it. After taking control of a good number of Oghres, I attacked directly a group of three Trows with Myrdred and managed to separate the next attacks being able to kill them. Only the poor Oghres gets killed in the replay.

14 - 1.3.1 No damage taken!

I said that I love this map (Bonds of the Oghre). As the title reveals, I managed to win the level without being touched; though it could be very boring to see it for the most part. Lots of leg-to-leg attack, you are advised.

15 - 1.3.1 Rebellion

This is the first level with a mix of Oghres, armoured Trows and normal Trows (well, they suck comparing them to the Trow version of Myth I and II, but the level is difficult enough)..., yes, I love it too. The dwarves and archers are heroes so they kick ass, Damas and Myrdred are hard too. Some problems but not the most difficult level involving giants IMHO. No casualties in the initial team.

16 - 1.3.1 Refugees

And then, a new boring level. No casualties. I win the level without seeying Damas!, but I don't have any interest in replaying this to find him.

17 - 1.3.1 Forge

Al about the Spider Cult is... like ridiculous to me, but there are dwarves with flamethrowers! It's f..king funny, I love the way they kill the spiders and the Cult's retarded. No casualties.

18 - 1.3.1 Spider God

More flamethrowers dwarves with normal dwarves. I kill the Spider God (very easily) before taking the Tain, I didn't realize that it was in the same room where the SunHammer was, so I had to go back for it, LOL. No casualties.

19 - 1.3.1 Bahl al

I think it's not a bad level nor specially difficult, except for the damned Lyches. No casualties.

20 - 1.3.1 SunHammer

No damage taken on this one, and only attacking with dwarves! This is the definitely prove of the Myth III's Trow weakness.

21 - 1.3.1 Heartstone Nyx

More Trow in this level but no damage taken again. Some of them didn't stop with the bombs' explosion, so they are a bit tougher. I used the trick of approaching the most powerful unit and then blocking the access to it. Not very proud about it though.

22 - 1.3.1 Dream duel

Short level, not too hard. I killed The Watcher using Myrdred's dream power. No casualties.

23 - 1.3.1 Fall crown

Thralls all around, I love to make them blow, yay. No casualties. I have a out of sync problem with the replay if I pass the first scene (fight between Leitrim and Moagim) changing the speed, maybe you would experience the same thing.

24 - 1.3.1 Vengeance

Another boring level, Moagim is killed pretty easy with dwarves. No casualties.

25 - 1.3.1 Traitor

Duh, the final level is boring too, at least it's funny to see how Mjarin kills his own troops when you try to approach to them.