Myth II Reborn

by Haravikk of Project Magma


From 1998, to this very day many of us have enjoyed the amazingly enjoyable single-player missions that came with Myth II : Soublighter. Whether we played them alone, or with friends online these lovingly crafted and challenging maps have entertained us infinitely. But we have never fully appreciated the work that went into these maps, the detail added to the terrain we fight across, because we have been too busy trying to complete an objective!

Myth II Reborn now takes the Myth II single-player maps to a new level, by altering them to fully playable net maps. Don't be mistaken, this is no Light vs Dark plug-in, every map has been stripped of units and scripting, and carefully set-up with netgame objectives and unit sets to create a plug-in containing a massive twenty-five net maps in a single plug-in. Each map is themed in some way, sticking close to the original units featured, but with enough originality to make each map fun to play. So what are you waiting for? A 6mb download for twenty-five net maps which will keep you playing furiously, with more than a few good laughs and nostalgic moments!

Features - Twenty-five net maps! - Support for all game types (not on all maps) - Themed unit sets, to stay true to the original maps - Two 3rd party units, the remastered Forest Giant and the Dwarven Axeman from the Seventh God!


This plug-in requires StuffIt Expander for decompression


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