Myth II Mythic Campaign B6 [beta]

by Tireces of The Nine =IX=


New in beta6: - Willow Creek, Salvation and Shiver have music now YOU CAN DISABLE MUSIC BY TAUNTING WITH A DUFF DURING FIRST 20 SECONDS OF GAME OR YOU CAN ENABLE NARRATIONS BY TAUNTING WITH ARCHERS - other level worth testing: The Wall, Ermine, Walls of Muirthemne and The Baron

After Legendary comes Mythic... yay : ) but whats Mythic ? Think of it as "uber-Legendary" difficulty level. My goal wasnt to make unplayable hardcore levels but just a bit tweaked Legendary that will be still fun to play in Co-Op and will also give us a chance for few more kills. Health of troops remains unchanged, your units can still take same amount of damage as on normal, heroic or legendary - enemy units strike with same speed as on Legendary difficulty. Expect just more enemy units per wave and few more scripted additional attacks. Full pack of "Mythic" M2 levels is on the way.

Additional enemy units and scripts are active only when playing on Legendary/Mythic.

Ah, and why "Mythic"? Bungie chose name "Mythic" for secret additional difficulty level that comes after Legendary in Halo 3. Nice pick Bungie :)