Mazzarin's / Demise on the Plains

by Project Magma

Plains completes Project Magma's initial goal of porting all nine original Myth 2 maps to TFL and is possibly our most unique and interesting plugin to date. We skipped Raid on the Plains, but you'll find Demise on the Plains as well as three other FFA maps.

Aside from the usual tactical abilities required in multi-play, Strife on the Plains also demands developing strategies like no other Myth map. Riot on the Plains is a 10-start Ghol riot with more than one bizarre twist to it. Slaughter on the Plains uses one of the most balanced and fun unit sets we can think of.

Last, but far from least, Mazzarin's Demise, the long awaited and extremely addictive coop is included with this plugin. It pits you against the largest hoard of enemies ever seen in ANY Myth map. For more details, check out the coop section of this site.