Massive Battles and Explosions

by WestdoX

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Steal Axe and WestdoX fooling around with coma plugin , plus weirdobodoms. (may be required for replay?)


In this film, we layed out some 300 satchel charges, then blew stuff up on proving grounds (about 1:30min wait on 16x) -coma plugin

500warrior battle:

An epic battle of warriors vs warriors. Using proper formations. Steel axe has a sneaky idea to flank with a pack of myrkidia. However, it doesnt help enough, west does some decent mele work and swarms his army. Axe, decides to cheat and spawn a trow and dozens of herons. ALmost does not pull it off!! GG -coma plugin


We blow up a huge pile of wights on proving gorunds.. (about 1min wait 16x) -coma plugin


We cause a chain reaction at our spawn that never seems to end!! Continuous explosions lasting for some 5 minutes. Body parts fly around the entire map no area is left clean.. stealaxe drops... I try to continue the explosions... it fails and I can't seem to cause atomic fusion!! :( -(requires weirdobodoms 1.2)