Lich King FFA Pack [beta]

by Zap

This is an expansion on HMP's Lich King FFA, which was a spin-off of the FFA League Map Pack. There Are a variety of different FFA maps from your favorite plugins, along with a range of new units to play as. Play as Fallen Lords and Avatara, each wielding a variety of spells. Archers and dwarves also have a range of items, using the inventory system, that allow them to wreak havoc. You're able to summon reinforcements through spells, or dwarves paratrooper signal flares. The unique thing about this plugin is of course, the Lich King. He starts in the middle of each map, summoning undead to attack nearby enemies. If you get close enough to him, he has 20 spells he will cycle through in order to destroy you. If you play hunting, the summons will be worth 1 point, while he himself will be worth 100 points.