High Plains Havoc

by King Adrock

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Long before the Great War, before the days of Balor, Soulblighter and Alric, a great nation spread across the lands. This nation covered all but the most desolate and uninhabitable areas. It was a peaceful nation and was, therefore, ripe for corruption.

When evil began to creep into the lands it met little resistance. Soon it had overcome all but a few of the empire's great leaders and warriors. These few began to form rebel clans to fight the onslaught, but were quickly repelled. Try as they could, however, the evil forces could not completely destroy one clan.

It seemed they were resistant to the magic employed by the evil forces. Fearing they may recover and return with even greater power, the clan was banished and sent to the most foreboding of all the uninhabitable lands - The High Plains.

This scarred, desolate land was devoid of all life. No rain had fallen for thousands of years, but strong storms constantly tore at the terrain with wind and sand. The rebels seemed doomed.

Generation after generation suffered under the evil that had gripped the land. The rebel clan was long forgotten. Their names were removed from all books and conversations. Occasionally strange figures were seen at the borders of the High Plains - but these rumours were never substantiated.

Empires came and went. The Great War made heroes of many, but corpses of more. Soulblighter's return once again saw thousands of men die under the hand of evil. It was during this time that a small platoon was forced to flee into the High Plains and was presumed dead. They returned, however, with tales of a fantastic oasis brimming with life.

A mystical pool seemed to sustain this life. The water was like none they had ever seen. If drank, the water had an incredible effect on the body, giving it new vitality and strength. Some even say it could heal wounds and revive the dead.

News spread quickly of this "Mystical Pool". The High Plains were descended upon as if by locusts. In the havoc that ensued many perished, but a few were able to locate the oasis. None, of course, were willing to just share the wonderful find with the others......

We are very confident that you find this map to be one of the most exciting multi-player maps available anywhere. It was designed from the ground up to make the weaker units (thrall, wights, ghôls) more important to your success in turn making for a well balanced game.

Light, Dark and Slugfest variables are included.

Have fun!

This Map has been tested heavily and is considered the Final Version unless something extemely odd is found. New Swineherd units are courtesy of Model Makers of Muirthemne.