Greek Plugin- Thermopylae Solo [beta]

by carlinho

An original map from Unkfolt specially designed for the Greek Plugin, it was on the back drawer of the plug for ... was back in 2005.... the main delay was, as of many mods, scripting.

Basically after...7 years, I took it out of the drawer, did a very simple script, and before I think it twice...bam! there it goes!

Thermopylae: no need to explain a lot... 300 spartans and their allies, maybe 5,000 or 7,000 total against...150,000 ? who knows, nobody will ever know the exact number, but definitely one of the most famous last stands in history. This is just a very basic script to portray a bit of the fighting, showcase the units, and to ..after 7 long years...release at least something and avoid keeping them in the dust forever. Maybe it sparkles attention, maybe a good AND COMMITTED script programmer wants to help finish scripting the other levels?

or simply, grab a beer, pop it open, and ENJOY!

Carlinho (on his 42nd birthday)