Garden of Lemurs

by Joshstar

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Garden of Lemurs is a large eight player map originally created for Myth: TFL. Unfortunately the first golemur was very disappointing because the game engine could not render a fine enough mesh for the heightmap. Fortunately Myth II uses a mesh that is four times more detailed and this mechanical improvement is the greatest thing to happen to golemur since the invention of a certain furry little ring-tailed munkiethin.

The new golemur has a damn near flawless heightmap that was tenderly sculpted vertice by vertice using Loathing's wonderful 3d real-time view. The result is quite a dramatic improvement over the original map -- so much so that even sworn lemur hunters may have second thoughts.Here are more details:


7x7 submeshes(grave is 5x5, creep was 6x6)


Four Variations:8-team (Light)Warriors/Brigands/Archers/Dorfs- For classic myth play that can't be beat- May enable or disable fire arrows w/ease- Great for Flag Rally, Territories, Assassins8-team (Dark)Zerks/Mauls/Souless/Warlock- Small, fast, but deadly skirmish parties- Protect that warlock w/your life- Fetch can shoot down incoming fireballs- Much faster paced then Light4-team (Dark)Herons/Mauls/Bre'unor/Warlocks- One start at each fork in the 4 corners- Faster units to cover the increased space- Bigger army for 1 or 2 man teams- Bre'unor = melee unit w/ ranged attack2-team (Dark)Myrkridia/Mauls/Heron/Trow- Suitable for 3 man teams or greater- Cloudspine'ish stampede w/ 3 flags a side.


A wet forest riddled with protruding mud embankments carved away by the rain. They form strategic ridges that are perfect for archers and projectile units to set up on. The ridges form in a shape that can be recognized from a warcraft 2 map called Garden of War.Each of the 8 starting .locations is scattered around the outside of the map and arranged in pairs as in the war2 map. Two people start nearby in each corner. The starts all have defensive ridges that can be used to protect the area in CTF and Flag Rally games.A dirt path forks together from each pair's starting location and leads the way to the center where the crossroads meet in a grassy meadow with 4 center ridges set up around it and ramps opening into the center for easy sudden death rushes on the flag.There is a river and some small ponds around the fringes of the map but they are out of the way the usual course of battle takes.

Fire Arrows [on/off]

Fire arrows are striped from archers by default on GOLemur (Light) because they murder older computers and introduce the element of chaos that can sometimes ruin a clean organized battle.However, fire is a valid feature introduced in Myth 2 and should thus be honored. If you would like to turn on fire arrows then simply set the game difficulty to "Legendary" when you are hosting a game of GOLemur and the arrows will not be stripped.You will hear a custom made narrator clip inform you whether fire is [enabled] or [disabled] during planning time shortly after the map first loads.


A light rain trickles for short intervals causing a slight hazy mist to permeate the battlefield (if you have 3dfx fog enabled). When raining a cocktail is only 50% effectiveTrees and grass are placed in fitting spots but most sprites have been removed to try to gain better Myth 2 performance on older machines like mine. :-/Wildlife roams the map waiting to be killed. Eventually there will be a custom made ring-tailed lemur unit that will run around and say HI! as only a lemur can. He will also eat bananas and scratch his ass in proper lemur fashion. But that was unable to make it into this release of the map. Maybe once Amber 2 is out.You will notice the 100% authentic texturemap utilizes a technique known simply as "smoking crack while playing with photoshop filters". This age old secret trick creates some unique effects like the grass that is NOT made with an airbrush or cloud effect like all bungie imitation texturemaps use. In fact golemur textures have their own lemurish feel that looks acceptable in software rendering, and outright magnificient in 3dfx. Myth 2 seems to map and anti-alias the texture better too btw, which combined with the modified contrast and hue make GOLemur 2 look a lot better graphically as well.


GOLemur 2.0 by Joshstarwith scripting/passability by Cyriland sounds from Tycho