Freedom I

by Clan McCoolness

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Some people play cowboys and indians. When Da Cid and I started playing with our friend, Solomon (he's five years old) we sort of played Braveheart instead. From there, it grew to become a very odd blend of Myth, Braveheart, Lord of The Rings and other things. We called it 'Freedom'.

Early in 2002, I had started to stuff around with Myth mapmaking. I almost started making a Freedom plugin, but got very bored. I picked it up again in late October. Since then, it's been pretty much non stop Mything, and thorough testing by Da Cid (not to mention suggestions from Solomon).

This is a campaign made for a five year old, and it's also made by people who aren't the GREATEST mapmakers ever. Keep that in mind, dudes. Just bear with it; keep playing it, it gets better :)