Final Fantasy VI

by Brent

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Random person: "Why in the world is there a deluxe version of this plugin?!"

Good question. Basically, the Mill had lost FF6 version 2 when it transferred to the fileball network. So, rather than re-upload the same old thing, I thought I'd add a few extra things while I'm at it. There are a few extra characters that were deleted from the original version and placed on a bonus map. I love the map "Cracks in the Cloudspine" so much, that I had to make a version with the FF6 characters, dubbed "Fantasy in the Cloudspine". This map features the deleted characters Celes and Interceptor (for those of you who know who they are), and the two weird spin off characters that I originally created just for fun. Think of FF6 version 1 as the VHS version, and this one as the DVD. Give it a whirl, you'll enjoy it.


This conversion hearkens back to 1994, before graphics were the reason people bought games. It was a time when good, solid gameplay was needed to impress audiences. Final Fantasy VI, originally called Final Fantasy III when it was released on the Super Nintendo in the US, was no exception either. It has arguably been called "the greatest role playing game ever".

Hilarious action and solid gameplay were the prime goals of this project, and there is a map to match just about everyone's taste. Most all the maps are equal battles with the exception of the human stages where you have Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, in which case the good "hero characters" are different than the bad ones.

There are now 7 multiplayer stages, and one solo training map. The training map is an entertaining way to learn the abilities of all the characters and items you'll encounter in this TC. There are three meshes, representing the three types of units there are (excluding the boats). Use shift-new game to access them.Because there are a lot of units in this, it may seem confusing at first. Most characters' abilities are self explanatory, and are very easy to learn.

To create the general "feel" of the original game, I have decided to use the same 16-bit graphics to recreate the characters. Although many of their frames had to be custom drawn, they still maintain that "retro-style" appearance consisting of 4 directional views.

Without further ado, I present to you, the Final Fantasy VI Total Conversion...