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FFATeamAddition Readme

FFATeamAddition is the Map Pack of large mega file of 256MB. its including so much maps of modified net maps. what I modified is smart unit trading count rather than original one. it won't be left over all times. and also I did modified some special target for some maps. they are Alric, Soulbligher, Deceiver, Shiver, Balor, Rabican, Cu roi, Maeldun… etc… you can use these special target by rule of assassin, then some maps are fixed which doesn't clash on launch is also I did. and so did I added pre game screen if they don't have it. if units are changed status, attacks, I fixed it by original status, like spider changed of paralysis attack. whole game is balanced and fun if you play with many people. also I modified unit construction. each map has unique 3rd party units. it will be required new play style like raid on the plain.

this map pack is including over than 60 different type of map. this is cheer for Marius net Players of leguar player. I expect this map pack played popular.

FFA, Teams, 2teams. 8teams, mesh is very various types. this map pack can be good in all areas. you can enjoy with this. good luck.