by Vista Cartel


Fetchball is a new soccer variant map for Myth II. The players are Fetches and ghôls that have been modified for effective game play.



The object of the game is to get the ball in the opponents goal. Each goal is worth one point. The team with the most points at the end of the game (or the first team to reach the point limit) wins. The point limit is set using the Difficulty setting. Timid = 1 point up to Legendary which is 9 points.

Unlike soccer, all players in the game can pickup and run with the ball. Fetch can pick up the ball but are so slow that it's not worth it. They generally zap the ball around instead. Ghôls can throw the ball a good distance and can quickly move the ball by passing to team mates. Passing the ball is over twice as fast as running with the ball.Players cannot be killed unless they are holding the ball (so dont hold too long!). Ghôls cannot attack units at all, only pick up the ball.Each team has a Goal Keeper that must stay in the penalty area near the goal. Keepers zap 50% harder and almost twice as fast as normal fetch. They can also pick up the ball and throw it a good distance.

A ball is put into play by the referee who throws it in the center. Play continues until the ball is called out or someone scores. The referee blows a whistle when the ball is called out. It is important to DROP THE BALL if the referee whistles as he will want the ball to throw it. The warlock "enforcers" will discourage any recalcitrant ball holders.


If time runs out and the score is tied. Sudden death starts. Play coninues for 5 minutes where the first team to score wins. If the score is still tied after 5 minutes, the Sudden Death Shootout starts. Each team takes turns doing penalty kicks. The first team to score an unanswered goal (a goal set where they score but the other team doesnt) wins.


The Trow are unforgiving of teams that suck. Be careful....