Despair At the Knot

by Ceres

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Despair at the Knot v1.1
Rolling on the Knot Laughing v1.1

Game types featured: - Body count - Last man on the hill - King of the hill - Steal the bacon

Both versions have a Journeyman, four ghôls and two archers. At the start location the archers see three extra fire arrows lying on the ground. The ghôls will get plenty of stuff to throw around since this map is infested with pus packets, satchels and mortar ammunition. Maybe you will find something for the furry coated man too :)

What makes these two maps so different then? Basically just one thing: In the "crippled" version your archers and ghôls wouldn't be able to hit an elephant with their weapons. They are newbies. Just try them out, might be fun.

The new release, version 1.1, has some improvements and changes. The ambient sounds should cover the entire map now and the mesh has 3d sound support (forest). The world knot mesh itself has been changed because it was built as a model animation. Furthermore I re-squirreled the map. I have no idea what these changes do to the "Alliance broken" -bug.