Coop Brothers Inc

by Rubba of Co-op Brothers

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Here is the Super Awesome Carnage Filled Epic COOP Brothers Inc. plugin! if you allways thought to yourself "Man there just Isnt enough things to kill in myth 2 solo/coop levels!" this plugin is for you!

Made long ago the creators names have been lost to the mists of time. (anybody know who made it please tell!)

Its super sweet and is great fun with many different tagsets. like SF2, WWII and Our Farewell

mix and match for great fun and carnage!

Great scripting intense action and high skill levels are required to survive these maps.

when you start a game in multiplay turn on the plugin and there will be 2 names for some of the bungie maps. Like 2 Into the breaches and 2 great librarys.

The TOP map name is allways the CBI version.

ANd Landing at white falls can crash sometimes if you dont kill a lot of the enemies quick enough. (about 5% chance)

Anyways have fun with this Veteran COOP myth lovers!