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Note: The Interface plugin included with CAGES is NOT compatible with the current version of Myth II.

CAGES - Central Agency Government of Earth and Space

I could hear the gun fire over my head, and all around the shots were being fired. Oddly enough, I wasn't scared. In every other battle my knees had been shaking so much I though I wouldn't be able to keep standing, but not this one. I just continued killing those 'Noids. Occasionally I would hear a soldier's scream; then the squish of teeth on flesh. These were the parts that made me cold to the bone. I knew I wanted to survive, and a 'Noid wouldn't stop me.

After that battle of Crakoon, I realized that it was all over, the 'Noid war was over. I wanted to scream with joy, but I just couldn't. I could only think of the squish and screams of fear of those being eaten by the 'Noids, and I knew it wasn't over, not by a long shot. I could sense that we hadn't seen the last of the 'Noids, they would come again, battle again, but would we win the next time?

CAGES (Central Agency Government of Earth and Space) is a series of new maps for Myth II that takes you to a whole new world. Coming with new units, maps, models and interface (if you choose), it is one of the most complete plugins, changing almost everything in myth. It invokes new strategies because of the various new units, and very unique game play.

You will go through the story of a new soldier from training to invasions of planets, from outside stealth missions to indoor search and destroy missions. From subtly sniping an enemy with a stun laser to pounding away at the 't' key in order to blast enemies away with rockets, you will need to make up and decide which strategies work the best. They are fun missions, but very exciting and very challenging.

There is really nothing else like the solo maps in CAGES, or the Interface. Not only are the maps visually very interesting and new, they are well made and very fun when you try them enough, and know how the units work. When you try these maps, keep these things in mind: they are hard, but beatable. You will probably not win right away, but practice makes perfect.

Even the rocket troopers (which when you hit 't', will fire a rocket in the direction they are facing, you do not need to click on an enemy can become an easy to use unit if you play with them enough). You need to be dodging and prepared for whatever comes at you. They can be very fun, especially on the harder difficulties, just as long as you don't get mad if you don't beat them.

Also, these maps can be very fun in co-op. They can also be easier when playing with multiple people (such as the 4th map A Rocket in my Pocket).