Around the Bend TFL

by KVLtv

"Who says we're crazy?"

"...crazed, demented, mad, insane, frenzied, psychotic, raving, deranged, moonstruck, mentally unsound, unhinged, touched, bereft of reason, derailed, gone, loco, unglued, berserk, mentally diseased, cracked, loony, wacko, bonkers, cuckoo, unbalanced, batty, out there, mad as a March hare, lunatics, one can short of a six pack, not all there, around the bend; see also sick,violent. --Ant. SANE, rational, sensible."

Around the Bend is about the size of "Gimble...", or "I'll Dance...". Like most of my map projects, this one contains Myth building, and bridge models. Not on the scale of Amsterdam, but I believe that they add to the "feel" of the playing environment. It's been a real job to close the gap in the behavior of the Myth II: Soulblighter plugin, and the Myth: The Fallen Lords .gor.

One of the things that sets Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter apart is fire. I've done my best to create the fire effect for Myth: The Fallen Lords. I can't guarantee that it won't work the engine a little. I tried to go easy on it while maintaining the effect as close as I could get it to the Myth II: Soulblighter counterpart. There are some differences in the effect, especially since I had to make it from scratch and Myth: The Fallen Lords doesn't actually support fire. Due to the limitations in Myth: The Fallen Lords I was forced to make a facsimile of the effect by using projectiles and projectile groups. I hope you will be pleased with the outcome.

I've worked on the individual aspects of creating this whole thing for a while now. Primarily since I've been dabbling in so many different directions to bring it all together into a working version for each game. This represents my first real project attempting to bring a map to both Myth: The Fallen Lords, and Myth II: Soulblighter at the same time. The most difficult task has been getting the Myth: The Fallen Lords version to work like the Myth II: Soulblighter one. You'll probably notice a few small differences in the two, but I've tried to limit those in so much as humanly possible. I'm happy that I came pretty close. This Myth: The Fallen Lords .gor has the added bonus of substituting the Fir'bolg with one that carries the flame arrow on most of the built in maps. The drawback that comes to mind is that I changed the textures on the crows_bridge model, so the bridge in Crowsbridge doesn't look right while playing level 1 online with the Around the Bend TFL.gor selected.

Approaching Evil has 8 starting locations, uses the dark units and introduces two new units! The Skeleton Archer, and the Ghol Anarchist. Also uses a modified Thrall unit named Thrall Porter. The Thrall Porter can pick up and move items. A good friend wrote me and asked me to modify a Thrall. Here is what he requested:

"... please make it pickup and drop everything that can be moved (including rocks if possible). To me, this is crucial since the things the thrall could do would be quite diverse (such as stacking rocks on top of satchel charges for shrapnel effect, hiding satchel charges under bits of body parts or rocks, spelling your name with intestines - you know, the fun stuff). If no pictures are available, then just make the thrall suck it up off the ground (maybe right up his @** or something) ..." Needless to say, but I complied and the result is pretty funny. Hence there are projectiles laying about on Approaching Evil that no units, except the Thrall Porter can pick up. The Skeleton Archer can retrieve the flame arrow ammo and use it to fuel it's supply of fire arrows. This is a Myth style variant. (The TFL variant has one more starting location than does Approaching Evil for Mii.)

Units: Are original Myth: The Fallen Lords with modified, and newly created units.

Fetch Myrmidons Ghol Anarchists Skeleton Archers Spiders Thrall Porters Wights The games are Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, Territories, and Captures.

Around the Bend has 4 starting locations and uses standard Myth units. Including the Fir'bolg. The Ghol can pick up and use the bombs, and puss packets. The flame arrow ammo, and satchel charges can also be retrieved by the Ghol for use by other units. The Fir'bolg can retrieve the flame arrow ammo and use it to increase their supply of fire arrows. This is a Myth style variant.

Units: Are original Myth: The Fallen Lords, plus modified Fir'bolg units.

Berserks Dwarven Heroes Fir'bolg Ghol (The ordinary ones.) Journeymen Thrall Warriors Wight The games are Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, Steal the Bacon, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Territories, Flag Rally, Captures, and Scavenger Hunt.

Ghol Riot Anarchy has 8 starting locations and introduces the Ghol Elite Anarchist. Projectiles are strategically strewn about to cause a nuisance, but the Ghols can only use what they start with. This isn't a regular Ghol by any means, they have their own attack, and special attack. This is a Myth style 'Dorf Riot'. Well, kind of. The only units used are the Ghol Elite Anarchist. If you ever liked the Bomberman series, you'll probably love this!

Units: Are custom Myth units.

Ghol Elite Anarchists The games are Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, Steal the Bacon, Flag Rally, Territories, and Captures.

Upon the Field of Sorrow has 2 starting locations, uses mixed units and also the two new units. (The Skeleton Archer, and the Ghol Anarchist.) This is a Myth style variant. (The Mii version is a 'Light vs. Dark', but that is not the case with the TFL version due to editor limitations. Hence the name is slightly different.)

Units: Are original Myth: The Fallen Lords with modified, and newly created units.

Berserks Fetch Ghol Anarchists Skeleton Archers Thrall Porters Warriors Wights The games are Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, Steal the Bacon, Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Territories, Captures, and King of the Hill.

Special Thanks For:

Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter. (C) 1997-98 Bungie Software Products Corporation

Amber by Vodi © 1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

Brimstone by Firechief Copyright ©1998 Glenn Hoppe

Bart'ok by Steve Ramsey Copyright ©1998 Lucena Systems

CORE Edit by Satan Copyright ©1998 David Shaw

Despair by Kris Amico Copyright ©1998 Kris Amico

Head Edit by Chris Dreessen Copyright ©1998-99 Chris Dreessen, Badlands

HexEdit by Jim Bumgardner Copyright © 1993 Jim Bumgardner

Ichor by Nekricide Copyright ©1999 Thieu Nguyen

LPGR Edit by mizz Copyright ©1998 mizz

Mesh Inspector Gold by Cameroon Copyright ©1998 Chris Behm

MONSEdit by Satan Copyright ©1998 David Shaw

Mythed by Slava Karpenko and Eduard Ginzburg ( Copyright ©1998, @soft

MythTech by Mitch Crane Copyright ©1998 Mitch Crane

PROJ Edit by Satan Copyright ©1998 David Shaw

stli Edit by Waka Copyright ©1998 Waka

Textura by Kim Foo-Jones Copyright ©1998 Kim Foo-Jones

The Fallen Sounds by Bo Lindbergh Copyright ©1998 Bo Lindbergh

Plus, the wealth of knowledge to be found at Extra special thanks to all the work done by David Shaw to keep it available there.

All the testing done by the OWL order, and Mike Croft for originally suggesting what became the Ghol Anarchists. Also, Tom Hubbell and again Mike Croft for conceptualizing the Thrall Porter.

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Everything contained in this plugin is Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Have Fun!!