Alric Returns Modification

by Omicron of The Legion

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This is a modification of the Marmotas Assassinas (MA) plugin Alric Returns II. Which can be downloaded in Fidelix's folder at I think it was made by Morgoth, who is a member of MA.

For omnipatch files go here.

The biggest difference in this mod is that it adds leveling to create a greater challenge for the players. Before you would quickly get to 250+ and it seemed to put a damper on the map's re-playability.

But there is a lot more to this mod, and I would recommend it to anyone who liked plugins such as Grave Tidings, the Gladiators series, or Heroes and Madmen.

There are two meshes, Alric Returned, this is the original with the leveling system added, and Alric's Challenge, which is much harder and faster than the original. Make sure to actually read the Readme to get a handle on any changes.