40K Heretic Conversion V2.0

by Sonixboom of Saints Row


Here it is. I am proud to announce the Re-release of Warhammer 40K Heretic. This is one of my favorite conversion even though I know of noone that actually plays it anymore. I DID NOT create this just fixed some bugs and made it a bit more enjoyable I think.

This File contains the Units and the Maps in one single Download

In V1.1 I fixed a problem with grenades being fired that weren't ever fired and some units sitting and just being killed without moving.

In V1.2-V1.7 i just fixed small things such as scenery and flags and stuff to make the game more playable

V1.8-2.0 i added more maps and a health pack function

All original credit goes to Wrauthu for the great conversion and Santa's Head for the original meshes.