OoH website back in action

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OoH website back in action

Post by Baak »

After our hosting service upped several underlying frameworks/languages, it whacked the OoH website a bit (most of it goes back a long, long way...)...

I geeked-out over the past couple of weeks and have it back up and running! Also went through the Mything Links section and updated/adjusted some areas.

People are still using:
* The Battle Plan
* OoH Downloads
* Mything Links
* Mirror of Creation
* Mirror of the Sons of Myrgard TFL Walkthrough

So as long as people use it and I am able to keep it up and running, I plan to do so.

Heck, one of these fine days I'm gonna try playing again!

Cheers! :D

P.S. If you happen to find problems, or even better if you find missing things that seem like they would be good to add, please let me know here (either this thread or PM).
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Re: OoH website back in action

Post by Deceiver »

nice, just took a close and quick look :)
Thank you all for keeping one of the greatest Mac games ever created, alive.
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