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TSS2022 and MWC2022

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 6:18 pm
by hmp
There are two Myth tournaments coming this spring/summer.

The first is The Spring Series 2022, which is a unique new low pressure tournament geared toward new/returning players who may be intimidated by typical Myth tournaments. You don't need to have a team to sign up, and it's a great way to get started with Myth multiplayer or tournaments. Top tier players are restricted from playing, but will be participating as coaches, so it's a great way to learn. This will take place prior to MWC2022.

MWC2022, the longest-running tournament series for Myth, will begin in mid-June. Even if you are new or don't have a team, feel free to sign up as free agent. There's no roster cap this year, and lower ranked teams will get to field larger teams, so this is also a great opportunity for new players compared to previous years. There will likely be at least one rabble team as well as opportunities to play as a substitute if you still aren't sure.

Both are being hosted on the Myrgard discord