Myth TFL latest version?

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Myth TFL latest version?

Post by Deceiver »

Hi guys - Is it possible to play Myth 1 on a modern Mac just like Myth 2?

If yes, is there a patch here on the site? can't find anything...
Thank you all for keeping one of the greatest Mac games ever created, alive.
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Re: Myth TFL latest version?

Post by Jon God »

No, not as of now. The latest version broke a while back.

The closest you can get is to use this: ... cal-folder

You can make a separate install of Myth II, and make it run pretty close to exactly like TFL. Some minor differences most people wouldn't be able to notice.

Otherwise, you can run it via this for an accurate port to Myth II: ... llen-lords

Or ones with updates: ... -levels-v2 ... -multipack
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