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Author Bio
I reside on the north shore of Vancouver, BC, Canada. More specifically where the two mountains of Grouse, and Fromme, collide in a valley. This area is known as 'The Shore' to thousands of mountain bikers worldwide, myself included. It's considered one of the meccas of freeride mountain biking, and has some of the gnarliest, technical trails around. Adding to that are tons of man-made stunts; bridges, jumps, log rides, rock drops, crazy steep rock faces and an assortment of skinnies. My favorite real life pastime is to go up and ride my ass down those trails, and furthermore, absolutely love it. When I'm working on myth I like to focus mainly on the loathing aspects of the project, such as the colourmap, the mesh creation, and the scripting. Collaboration with my other team members from Onyx allows me to explore my creativity without feeling pressured to learn detailed aspects of all of mapmaking. Hope you enjoy my productions.