Zombie Hand final.

by Juliocpaes

Finally I upload this FINAL version of Zombie Hand. I toss in a Read This.txt and a New Plugin Preview image. alt text

*Fixes by GHOST®.

press F6 and Read flavor , press "U" for taunt (this unit is very insulting e taunting).

"Unit zombie hand" is a severed hand of a dead and seeks revenge against anyone that comes close. it is not very strong, but the attack of "beast with five fingers" is equivalent to a wolf bite.

alt text

Story (flavor) :

The demonic hand (also known as Hand from Hell, or Choking Hand).They are small disembodied hands that attack by leaping up and choking the victims until he asphyxiates. They move by walking on fingers and repeat "I'll swallow your soul!" alt text