WWII: Titans

by Santa's Head

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The original legendary WWII: Titans release by Santa's Head. Includes the three plugins listed below, as well as an extensive manual and additional strategy maps (images).

Note: The WWII: Units v1.1 tagset update is available separately.

WWII: Titans

The one we've all been waiting for. The multiplayer map to end all multiplayer maps, with snazzy natural color/displacement maps, a plethora of new grenades, mines, weapons and suicide devices (!) and some spectacular new flora. But perhaps most importantly, Titans brings with it those dual treaded, metal plated machines of fury that have been haunting our minds since Recon was released. The tanks are here, and believe me, they pack a nasty punch.

WWII: Units

This plugin is the guts of Titans and the WWII Mythical Solos campaign. It contains all of the tanks, the soldiers and the items found on the Titans map. It also converts the standard Myth II units into various kinds of soldiers and tanks, providing endless hours of fun trying to beat the regular solo maps when playing against Titans units, rather than the usual undead minions. Sadly, many solo maps have what could be politely phrased as 'issues' with this plugin, thus we have provided you with...

WWII: Mythical Solos

This plugin contains a replacement single-player campaign designed to work better with the WWII Units plugin. Levels have been modified in an attempt to make them more fun to play, or in some cases, playable at all. These levels are only usable with the WWII Units plugin enabled, and do not replace the built in solo levels.