WWII: Recon

by Santa's Head

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WWII: Recon places the player on a Myth-like map populated with World War II-era soldiers. Each soldier carries a rifle, and has two basic attacks: firing at the enemy or using the bayonet at close range. However, they can also pick up medical kits and three types of grenades: normal, incendiary, and rocket-propelled. Finally, the addition of slow-moving, long-range Field Cannons allow the player to shell the enemy from a distance and lay down suppression fire: "maybe hiding all of our men behind the same tree was a 'bad' idea."

Recon substantially changes the flavor of a Myth game. In Myth there are a variety of troop types who each specialize in one or two kinds of attacks, while Recon offers one troop type, each of whom can execute a wide variety of attacks. In addition, the focus is on ranged combat instead of melee.

Recon is a multiplayer map with four variants: "S-2", a two-team map, "S-4", a four team map, "Elimination", a twelve-player game where each player controls one soldier with an obscured overhead map, and "Patrol", a twelve-player game where each player controls three soldiers.