WWII: Blizzard of Oz

by ozone

The Blizzard of Oz is my second WWII map. It not only includes WWII soldier meshes but regular Myth II units vs WWII soldiers as well. It also features tank warfare Russian style... The 1941 German assault on the snowy terrain around Stalingrad was one of the epic theatres in WWII to feature tank vs. tank. The swift German Panzers and enormous Tigers faced off against Soviet T-85's in a combination of hit and run and entrenched artillery battles. The bitter winter snow was familiar terrain for the Soviet armor, but was a shock to the German infantry and mechanized cavalry. Even so, the deaths on both sides due to the frigid conditions gave rise to the joke that the deadliest soldier in this theatre was "General Winter".

This WWII plug contains 7 different meshes Elim/patrol, 2 team, 4 team, 8 team, Battle Royal and Ghol RPG Riot. Hope you like it...