by Fury IX of ARMY Munitions Factory

Fury's Heroes

Troubled Times as a World yet again Struggles Against Darkness

Fury's Forgotten Heroes.... Is now remade and remembered in Warfare Axis vs Allies. Follow Fury and his band of Heroes as they take on the evil powers of darkness. Battle Nazis and their foul creations over 22 cooperative levels as you struggle to bring Light back to the land.


Enjoy the pregame briefings in single player, then get online and do some real damage!


Requires Myth 1.7.2 or newer, and wAvA-WarfareTagset to play.

http://tain.totalcodex.net/authors/show/548 Link Soon



Heroes Thanks to: Ditwidget, Fury, Point, and Big Brother

Overlord These maps are a prelude to a much greater, all new campaign: Operation Overlord! So please give lots of feedback and have fun!