The Dispossessed

by Korgath

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I did not create this map. It was created by David Predina (aka Korgath). I was surprised that it was not here and have decided to upload. -- Inutere

The Dispossessed has a brilliant and complex new colormap, and new/innovative types of gameplay. Someone should really try and detail texture this beauty!

New game types:

Retrieve the Flag: This is essentially capture the flag as it would appear in most other games. It is your goal to steal the opponent's flag, and bring it back to where your base is. You will only be able to pick up their flag with the Flag Retriever unit. There are as many as 5 Flag retrievers and as few as one (on timid-legendary, respectfully). You cannot win if you do not have any more flag retrievers, the level is built around the idea that exterminating all of one's troops is not enough to win by. You have to achieve the goal of retrieving the flag. If you steal the flag, but your retriever is killed on its way back, you will have to steal it from its original location; you cannot pick up where you left off.

Sabatoge-Stampede: In order to get your stampede units, you must destroy the enemy's artillery (ballista or cannon). On normal, the direct path to the flag will be slightly obstructed. On heroic and up, the direct path will be impassable.

Assassination(s): You will have 2 different types of targets. The single target that seems more important will be worth 6 points, whereas the 14 other targets will be worth 1 point each. I'm really surprised this hasn't been done more often.

New Units:

Cool-Looking Skull Ballista: Primary: 8-16 projectiles that do moderate damage (100% mana and some recovery time). Secondary: Explosive cannon round that does sizable area damage (75% of mana and 1 ammunition). This unit cannot move, but cannot be melee-attacked either.

Cannon: Primary: 1 shrapnel producing cannon ball with fairly heavy damage at its center, but very little effect outside of 1 unit's radius (100% of mana). Secondary: Incendiary bomb.. use it only during dry times (75% of mana and 1 ammunition). This unit cannot move, but cannot be melee-attacked either.

Flag Retriever: Primary: none. Secondary: none. moves about as fast as a little slower than a Heron Guard and has about the same life as a maul. This unit is the only unit in Retrieve the Flag that can carry the flag back to your base.