Temples of Avernus


About how long tolerated ogres years of slavery, the construction of iron cities and temples and monuments of despots, but here come the saviors - people and drowned them all Avernus in blood! ...

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Avernus, Temples Trow. A small detachment of guards Heron after a long journey from Lankarfrana see the first iron constructions - Temples Trow. Powerful iron gate - this is the first that "throw" in the eyes of the detachment of soldiers whose primary purpose is the uprising of the ogres. Myrdred with "dream" is to capture as many ogres to stop and watch Trow Heron was able to free the captives warriors of Lankarfran.

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Rise of the Ogre - this is the only chance to stop the onslaught of the enemy from the north.

You will have a small band of men, which should raise the ogres to revolt and destroy the complex with a statue of the Old God Trow.