Shiver's Turn [beta]

by Pyro of The Onyx Warlords

NOTE: The major bugs from versions rc9, rc9a, and rc9b have finally been fixed for good. Sorry for the multiple releases in such a short time. OmniPatches from those versions to ST rc9c can be found here.


This plugin is for Single Player and Multiplayer.

Single Player map: An alternate reality, where it is The Deceiver who is trapped as Shiver and her elite chase him down to kill him. ST's solo/coop level has two modes: Regular and Elitist. In Regular mode you have Shiver and five elite units. In Elitist mode you have those units slightly altered plus six more units for more players as well as more enemies.

Multiplayer maps: For multiplayer, there are three maps. "When Legends Battle" is an 8-team map. "When Opposites Attract" is the 2-team dark vs light map. "If Legends Had Twins" is the 2-team dark and light on both sides map. The units are sets of heroes. Alric, Rabican, Murgen, Balor, The Watcher, Soulblighter, Shiver, and The Deceiver are the team leaders of the eight sets of hero teams.

Keep in mind, this plugin is still a beta. The final will include a unit guide to explain every little thing (maybe). Read the unit descriptions or click on the book icon for tips on the units. The 8 team map now has Unit Trading that allows you to choose which team you wish to be, as long as no one has taken it before you.

Over 30 changes from version rc8. The readme mentions what was changed and fixed.