Scream on the Borderlands [beta]

by fildred13

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Featuring a brand new unit: The Necromancer.

This is Creep on the Borderlands with a new unit trade designed to highlight the new star unit of an upcoming solo plug: the necromancer. With the ability to raise any dead body on the map, it becomes incredibly important to keep your necromancer alive and to use him to his fullest to keep your ranks bloated with slightly decaying meat.

Warriors, Zerks, Heron Gaurds, and Bowmen can all be raised as Thrall, Bonemen, Myrmidons, and Soulless respectively. After every skirmish, the mad dash to raise corpses ensues. In the midst of battle, comrades rise up as the undead and strike against you, turning the tide of what was once a sure victory. Dorfs become a double edged sword: their power is balanced by the fact that they destroy potential corpses; but during a losing melee, one well placed molotov can thwart any plans your opponent had of turning that pile of bodies against you.

As a last line of defense, the necromancer has the powerful evasculation spell. Ripping vein and artery from a target's body, the bloody mess creates a web that holds all units around the target in place. A perfect defense against the lone zerk that has snuck behind the necromancer, or an incredible window of opportunity for a dorf to strike a helpless platoon of warriors.

This plug is in public beta. I know it has a few kinks that still need to be worked out, including the tide-turning "endless loop" where a single body is raised over and over. Fun, but not fair. It happens only rarely though, and only in very specific (and rare) circumstances. The only other bug I am aware of is that the necromancer's primary attack will behave strangely if it targets a dying unit or the ground. Not game breaking, but very silly. Will fix that soon, in the mean time don't target the ground or a dying unit, okay?

ANY SUGGESTIONS OR BUGS, PLEASE: Comment here on the Tain or email me at Be as specific as you can about bugs so I can work them out.

I am open to anything that will make this plug better, including unit trade suggestions, balance suggestions for the necromancer and his spells - anything. Once I have the script of the necromancer working well I will be converting several other maps to include him, some bungie some 3rd party, so suggestions for maps that you would like to see the necromancer on, LET ME KNOW.

Finally, thanks to everyone who helped me with this plugin and who contributed material to it, especially: Pyro, for exhaustive help with the scripting of the Necromancer; Iron Duke for his awesome Scimitar Myrmidion; Ruiner for his port of Creep on the Borderlands; and of course, Bungie, for Myth.

If I have not mentioned anyone, I am sorry, you are still greatly appreciated I promise. If I have used your materials in this project and not credited you, please let me know. If I have used your materials and you do not want me to use them, also let me know and they will be replaced.