Project Magma's The Fallen Lords (local folder)

by Project Magma

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NOTE: This is a local folder. This is made for people that want a separate install of Myth II, to mimic a Myth: The Fallen Lords install.

Adapted from Project Magma’s The Fallen Levels, this aims to be a far more accurate preservation of Myth: The Fallen Lords, warts and all.

This update was a longterm plan of mine, started in 2010 before being put on the back burner. I was spurred back into action after watching Mandalore Gaming’s video on his difficulties in playing Myth: The Fallen Lords accurately in 2023. Here is my answer, a much more accurate TFL port with lots of minor and major issues from the last 20 years, addressed.

This is Myth: The Fallen Lords, warts and all.

Some changes and things to note between this and Magma's The Fallen Levels.

  • All Myth: The Fallen Lords units use their original graphics and animations
  • Colors of units have been restored to match Myth: The Fallen Lords.
  • Removed all Myth II features added in The Fallen Levels, including wildlife, reflective water, waves in the water, and so on.
  • Uses vTFL always.
  • TFL interface included in download (By Bungie, Infininight and Pyro)
  • All the Unit descriptions have been pulled from Myth: The Fallen Lords, so there shouldn't be any Myth II unit descriptions anymore.
  • Fixed all issues where 3D models on maps weren't properly placed
  • Cutscenes now display as they did in the original release, interlaced and all.
  • Myth: The Fallen Lords net maps are included in this release.
  • Removed Dwarf punch.
  • No maps will support Detail textures.
  • Units no longer taunt with the "u" key, and instead with the special key.
  • All net maps should now be game type accurate to Myth: The Fallen Lords.
  • Fixed numerous other gameplay bugs.

I haven’t tested it enough to be sure that there isn’t something missing, but this should be damn close to ready to release.

Remember, launch the Tutorial to play the Myth: The Fallen Lords intro.

P.S. For alternative TFL ports, try: The Fallen Levels v2, TFL Coops Plus, TFL Interface, TFL Multiplayer Mappack