Phantom Hounds: Haunted Heart

by A-Red of The Onyx Warlords

Phantom Hounds: Haunted Heart is the second installment in the Phantom Hounds series, which follows an elite special-ops team serving in Maeldun’s legion during The Great War.

In Haunted Heart, the Phantom Hounds have been sent on a mission to Muirthemne, the ruined capital of the dead Cath Bruig Empire. At the center of a once thriving land now covered by sun-bleached and wind-tossed sand, they uncover dark secrets and follow the trail to an even deadlier threat than they had imagined. Battle Balor's armies across the desert, through the ruins of the city, in the gloomy catacombs beneath Muirthemne, and into the Untamed Lands in six solo/coop levels. Experience the Great War from a new perspective.

A big thanks to GimpMask, Leadfeather, HMP, and TJ for the use of their maps. This campaign also includes original mesh/colormap work by Graydon.

(Update v1.1: Fixed a problem with Berserks' behavior)