Party Map Pack

by HVUMMTv1.0

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Party Mappack Readme v1.0

The Party Mappack was created and distributed by HVUMMTv1.0 which stands for: "Hyper Velocity Ultra Mega Map Team v1.0", or for short Velocity Maps. Look for more maps to come from them and check out the "Winter Mappack" which converts the maps to a crazy blizzard!

Velocity Map Team, in alphabetical order:

Deqlyn - Units/Revamp idea/Super-Mega-Ultra Tester EvilZen - CMAPs/OHs/Scenary/Winter idea/Super-Mega-Ultra Tester HMP - Pregames/Unit Consultant/Trade Consultant/Super-Mega-Ultra Tester Murderface - Models/CMAPs/Units/Pregames/OHs/Super-Mega-Ultra Tester

Party in the Wabe (Gimble in the Wabe) Party on your Grave (I'll Dance on your Grave) Dead Man's Party (Dead Man's Chest) Party on the Plains (Demise on the Plains) Party Lands (Badlands) Party Town (Venice) Party Grounds (Proving Grounds) Drowned Party (Drowned Kingdom) Party Between your Ears (Desert Between Your Ears) Party in the Cloudspine (Clash in the Cloudspine) Party of the Dead (Dead of Winter(no snow))


Special thanks to all the hardworking mappers Murder, Zen HMP not playing myth for 2 weeks is bringing me down too. I appreciate it the time a dedication! Not to mention I was sleeping while you did most of your work!

Super special secret probation thanks to Murderface dude was constantly working on this stuff. You went above and beyond by getting everything done when I wasnt even working. You finished everything fast and perfect it was rediculous. Map Props.

Thanks to our volunteer testers: Fool - SUPERFAN downloaded every version Mark - Gave me great input to switch my initial map Golem Plague Bearer Kabuki Fury Kilg LN Twist TBH Zero TBH Omicron Bradon Hex Classic TBH GenX TBH

Anyone I forgot sorry.

Oh yeah put this in your "Plugins" folder and tell your friends to download this awesome mappack.

***Not proofread read at your own descretion