Our Farewell Tagset [beta]

by oogaBooga

The Our Farewell tagset, so named because of the old, old map that the units were originally edited for, has been the continuing evolution in finding out what is possible with fear.



The tagset is just that - a set of tags. The purpose of this tagset is NOT to find a balance of units for the purposes of having the tagset - the purpose of this is to test units out that are going to be included in FULLY ORIGINAL FULLY NEW SCRIPTED SINGLE PLAYER MAPS.

So when you look at these units - and one seems particularly powerful - you may in fact be looking at a unit only used for a cutscene, or spread out as thinly in the campaign as a Dwarven Pathfinder. Color guards, Dwarven Specialists, and other special units, are going to be dispersed throughout normal myth 2 units, and the more balanced new third party units.

The unit setup in this tagset is NOT indicative of the unit balance or even average unit distribution of the levels in the campaign. (The campaign which this tagset was created for).



Taking advantage of some 1.7 features, and previous mapmaking features, the following things are possible:

*Units being moved while alive, via a Trow Kick or explosion of some kind.

*Units creating more units. Example: Spider queen can lay individual eggs, or clusters of eggs, which hatch into spider hatchlings which are weak but numerous.

*Jumping Units: The first, and most perfected jumping units myth has ever seen. Theyve been in the wings forever but only a select few have seen them. Using the new Proj into Mons features, two new units now have the ability to jump:

  • Jumping Spiders, which is a type of egg the spider queen can lay (as opposed to the "soldier" variant who does not jump), can either use control click at a distance, or use "T" to manually jump.*

Note: Jumping spiders jump is also a bite attack!

*Numerous inventory functions for many units. You can play the game and not even use any of the inventory and still kick ass, but taking advantage of the inventory (the "I" button) will allow you to select which artifacts or abilities a unit can use. For instance, the journeyman now has the ability to dig for roots. Simple select the journeyman, hit "I", then hit the number that corresponds with the ability "Dig for Roots". Then, when your jman presses T, he will have a very small percent chance that his digging will yield a healing mandrake root.

Also: NEW HIGH RES EVERYTHINGS! Try dwarf bottles, satchels, wights, etc... everythings got some newfangled high res collection.

A more in-depth readme may be included in the future, but for the most part just experiment with the inventories and special abilities (T).

Heres a fun tip: Play the tagset on the level Twice Born, on legendary. Take the unit that replaces alric, and use inventory to set him to the spell called "Vortex Purge" (or "Arcing Vortex Purge, depending on your preference).

Walk across the river with him and when the enemy warlocks start firing lava globs at you, re-direct their own spells back at them using the Vortex Purge "T" ability.


CBI.TWA Edition v1.1 Gladiators Underworld v4 Road's COMA (here on the tain)

To download CBI.TWA Edition v1.1 OR Gladiators Underworld v4 simply go to the following link:


Also in my "Must Haves" folder there you can find a patch file called "TFL v2 to TFL v3.zip".

What this does, is allows you to take the program PluginPatcher, and transform The Fallen Levels v2 (which does NOT work with plugins - it crashes) into the SAME set of levels, except that you can use ANY tagset with these levels, *without crashing. *

When you finish using PluginPatcher to patch the file, it'll Spit out a plugin called "TFL Coops Plus". That is what you use to play the TFL levels with any plugins without crashing.

Anyways, my Must Haves folder has some other gems. Happy mything!