Myth Made Cool NEO EX

by esco

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A bugfix and minor enhancement of the original MMC plugin by Karl Marx(I think?)

Once upon a time, I discovered the Myth Made Cool plugin and thought it was pretty cool... Except for the bugs. And the lack of (sane) documentation. So I made a bugfix for it called Myth Made Cool NEO and released it. But then I found a bug that had slipped by me: Trows failed to explode like 90% of the time when MMC NEO was played online. I went insane trying to fix this bug and eventually just gave up on it. But it kept eating away at me. Must finish plugin... Must finish plugin...

So I decided to tackle it one more time. And FINALLY solved the Trow bug. Just in time for Christmas, hell yeah!

I also found and fixed another bug where Ghols wouldn't attack giants(what?). Also, I think the clusterbomb dwarves were ultimately TOO GOOD at clearing crowds so I changed their projectiles back to regular bottles. It's not like they're vanilla M2 dwarves now, though, they're still a lot more reckless.

Myth Made Cool NEO EX should hopefully be the TRULY FOR REAL BUGFIXED and final version of Myth Made Cool. But ultimately I've barely done anything so all credit should go to the original author.

Also, sidenote. MMC NEO EX works REALLY well combined with the CBI.Beta plugin.

UNITS: Most of the units have been modified somehow. I think I figured it all out but I'm not 100% sure.

Soldiers: Their special attack is a one-shot deflector shield thing that detonates explosives and destroys projectiles.

Archers: Their fire arrows are now these explosive missiles with a tiny damage radius but enough power to insta-gib pretty much any small unit. Still sets the ground on fire.

Dwarves: They're reckless little maniacs.

Dwarven Mortars: They have a stun-bomb as their special attack. Doesn't have a large radius but it can stop a clump of maybe 4 units. It reacharges every 10(?) seconds. They also might attack a little faster with their mortars, and I think the normal mortar rounds are now more powerful with a smaller radius?

Journeymen: Their shovels massacre the undead.

Heron Guard: They heal using magic instead of roots. Their mana recharges veeery slowly. Turns to stone when they're almost dead like regular Myth II Trow.

Trow: Kick like psycho bastards. Can absolutely steamroll groups of small units. When they die they... Umm... "condense" into a ridiculously powerful explosion. Their special attack is to throw a stone. It's pretty weak but I guess it's something.

Berzerks: Crap against undead. Their special attack is a flint(?) they can use to light satchels etc. lying on the ground.

Thrall: Their armour ocassionally absorbs damage, which doesn't sound like much but holy jesus.

Ghols: Can move underwater like Thrall. Never flinches.

Soulless: The damage they inflict can't be healed.

Fetch: Their lightning is weaker but it shoots faster, and it can hit much larger groups than a normal Fetch. Can walk on water.

Wights: Bigger explosions that release more flaming pus.

There are also a lot of new special FX(try healing an undead now!). And that's it. Maybe. Overall, MMC rebalances Myth II pretty significantly. I think the author was trying to make the playing field more level between melee and ranged units. Well that's the result anyway. I don't know if it was supposed to be a singleplayer or multiplayer plugin but it works for both. Try it. Or don't :)