Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta 2 [beta]

by Project Magma

Note: Download links are below. You must have 1.8.0 or 1.8.1 beta 1 already installed before installing the 1.8.1 beta 2.

This is the second public beta of the upcoming update to Myth II - version 1.8.1. The goal of the beta is to find any potential bugs before the final release of Myth II 1.8.1.

Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta 2 is compatible with previous versions, however players are encouraged to play games in which everyone is on this version, in order to test the updated gameplay code.

To see what changed since public beta 1, see this doc: Changes_1.8.1_beta2.txt

For full details, see the Read Me file here: Readme_1.8.1_beta2.pdf

Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta 2 is available in four versions, listed below. (Click on the name of a version to download it.)

Myth II Windows (Installer) - recommended for all versions of Windows.

Myth II Mac OS X (Installer) - recommended for users on Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.

Myth II Mac PowerPC (Manual Install) - recommended for older Mac OS X and Mac OS versions.

Myth II Linux (Manual Install) - recommended for Linux users.

Please report any bugs found on the Project Magma forums.