Motte and Bailey

by Brent

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This map takes place during a siege of a motte and bailey stronghold. It's a re-creation of a castle in the game, Lords of the Realm 2™ by Sierra®, although the motte (prounounced "mott") and bailey castle design was actually used during the medieval times. Most of them were made of wood, but there are some in Wales that are made of stone.

I know the name sounds strange, so I explain it to you. A bailey is an enclosed courtyard with high walls all around it, so that the town inside has some defense against invading forces. A motte is a mound where a small watchtower was built with a ditch surrounding it that was sometimes filled with water.

So anyone who has ever played Lords of the Realm 2™ will probably instantly recognize this castle design, only this one is in 3D instead of being a flat 2D castle.

Even though the defender is extremely outnumbered, the attacker won't have an easy time winning. My advice to the attacker is: make sure your forces don't get caught in the two gates! You must break through the gates as quick as possible so you don't get killed because of the defending archers.

Have fun!