Modus Operandi v1.1

by Generalx

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You will not like this the first time you try it, almost guaranteed. Play each map/mesh 3-4 times before you make a decision about it.

In any case, this is a plugin which converts my favorite Myth2 solo level meshes into multiplayer meshes.

2T Maps:

A Day At the Beach: (Based on White Falls) 4 meshes, one with trow unit set, one with desert unit set, one with shuffle unit set, final one with a unit set similar to grilling grounds (with noticeable differences).

With Ghols like These: (based on with friends like these) Same meshes as above, but substitute the grilling mesh for a mesh that uses 1 trow, 4/8 morts, 1/2 pfs 4/zerks, 1/3 ghol heros (tougher faster, throw farther no special) 6/10 souls, and lots of ghols :). There is pus lying on the ground, as well as other objects, and both sides have a root and a sword which respectively stone and heal when they are thrown at a unit (by a ghol).

Climb the Water Spout: (based on the deciever) Same 3 trades +a heavily spider based trade which includes mauls, fetch, locks, souls, heron heros, a shade, and 2 mahir. The shade does not chain pop, but has a mana regen. Dies very fast to lighting, but can be healed 40%. Most of the units can traverse the mountain terrain all over the map.


Mort Riot: (Based on walls of muirthemne) Tougher morts with an interesting special battle in 16t, 4t, and 2t, with varying amounts of duffers on each difficulty level (normal, heroic, legendary). Try the lolwut mesh at your own risk.

Claustraphobia: (Based on the baron) two meshes, one similar to the smells like blood trade (1 confuse lock, some herons etc), one more slugfestesque (jmen, mauls, dwarves, in tight quarters very lulzworthy).

A Clash of Arms: an AWESOME 10 start ffa based off of the tutorial. Most fun, craziest of them all. My favorite. This one you'll just have to figure out on your own.