Last Stand (Bushido Co-op)

by akula65

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This is a solo level intended for co-op play with the bushido tagset.

NOTE: This is intended for cooperative play, meaning two or more players vs. the computer. Single players will have a hard time beating the level, and should probably play on timid. This level was designed for three or more players.


*Control at least two of your flags at all times.(Contesting does NOT count as controlling)

*Kill the enemy lord.

*Don't die.

Designed to be used with the Bushido Units Tagset by Creation(


Pink trees by Clem

Scripting/Level design by Murgen

Color Map/Level design by Qui-Gon Gandalf

Testing/Input by Gangrene, Bifbologna., and the rest of the Regular Order of Fries

Project Leader- Clan Keith