I'll Gimble on your Grave

by igmo

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So, as the name implies, this map is a combination of gimble and grave. Specifically, the map is grave, with gimble units and game types. There is some editing of the mesh to allow for 6 starts. The map also has an early winter setting, with patchy snow that limits the effectiveness of fire arrows.

The only deviation from gimble units is an exchange of 2 heron guards (each with 3 roots) for the journeyman. As the herons are tough fighters, this can have a fairly significant impact on melee.

Unlike gimble, this map includes scavenger hunt.

Because I dislike long "sudden" death in lmoth, I added a feature where, if the difficulty is heroic, the semi contesting region gets populated with 6 exploding wights somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes into the game.

If the difficulty is set to legendary, there is another set of 6 delivered a minute or two later. Units on the hill itself (or more than 5 seconds away) are unharmed, for the most part. If you think this is lame, just set the difficulty below heroic.

To spice up the Hunting game style, I made some of the hunted creatures attack. Each team is rushed by an enhanced warlock as soon as the game begins.

(The plugin name is gimbleGrave_v1-0)