hmp tagset [beta]

by hmp

Just adding alpha version for now to make it easier for downloads.

Still in early stages of testing out mechanics.

This is a tagset for reg myth that changes some of the core reg mechanics. The hope is that these changes will make for more interesting or at least different tactics while staying intuitive. It could possibly be considered a bit more "realistic" than reg, but that isn't really the main goal.

  • All units have a mana/stamina bar. This is used for attacks. Melee units can still attack when stamina is depleted, but attacks will become much less effective.
  • Ranged and artillery units generally are more powerful or longer ranged.
  • Ranged units will target groups by default (shift-click to target single unit)
  • Armor, bleeding effects, slashing/blunt damage mechanics
  • Some new sfx

v0.0.2 - covered more units - now supports most TFL multi units, so should be able to use on UTB/x - lots of fixes and adjustments

Future plans: - new maps (coop and multi) - scripted effects - unit inventories - converting more 3rd party units