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by ephemeral

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Just adding alpha version for now to make it easier for downloads.

Still in early stages of testing out mechanics.

This is a tagset for reg myth that changes some of the core reg mechanics. The idea is to provide a different gameplay style that is still intuitive. Gameplay will seem somewhat familiar at the surface, but tactics will be very different.

  • All units have a mana/stamina bar. This is used for attacks. Melee units can still attack when stamina is depleted, but attacks will become much less effective.

  • Ranged and artillery units generally are more powerful or longer ranged.

  • Ranged units will target groups by default (shift-click to target single unit)

  • Armor, bleeding effects, slashing/blunt damage mechanics

  • Some new sfx


  • covered more units - now supports most TFL multi units, so should be able to use on most maps that normally require vTFL (notably UTB)


  • Added some TSG units


  • mechanic to help clear debris automatically. Scales with amount of fighting, so should keep up better than using projectile lifespans and push more burden onto object limit instead of projectile limit

  • balancing


  • Warlock, dorf, mort projectile changes.

  • Sloped terrain speeds for all

  • Morale effects for melee. Most melee units have around 1-3 WU morale radius, and -1 to -3 effect on enmies. Effect is tight and large melee formations collectively take less melee damage. Should slow down large melee battles while having little effect on melee ability to rush artillery units. Picking off units that get exposed is more effective

  • Damage/vetting adjustment for melee - typically now +10% velocity per kill, up from +1%. Better balance between vetting and morale effects

  • FG/trow secondary aoe damage radius reduced

  • Wound effect and durations modified, heals should remove wound effect

  • TSG dragons

  • Fixes for units that were missing key stats

  • Projectiles from absorbed damage groups have <1.0 appearance fraction - shouldn't get any more errors from exceeding 256 projectile promotions.

  • Minimum damage levels for most unit objects


  • Misc fixes and balancing adjustments

  • SFX updates

  • Units can catch on fire :)

  • TSG warg rider death sometimes leaves warg or archer alive