Heroes of Haxors III [beta]

by Zeph

Heroes of Haxors 3

A new update to the well known Heroes of Haxors featuring 16 heroes, more special abilities, a new arena map, new multiplayer gametypes and survival coops! HoH3 will NOT work with versions below 1.7

Here is a quick hero list that tells every special ability, hints for using the unit, combos with other heroes and counters against enemy.

This is a work in progress, instead of working on a plugin alone for months or years, my philosophy is to let other people enjoy the plugin while I work on it.

What's new in version III Modified versus map with adaptive units. Starts with 3 units if you play 1v1. If more players are in the game, each player will get 2 units. Tweaked spells for better balance. New heroes (read unit description below) Cooperative mode : An epic 30 minutes coop with randomly selected heroes and lots of casualties.

Unit description

Bungie Avatara (NEW): Main : Sword swing Main Special : Lightning sword (T click self to get 2 charges)

-Same as alric's magic sword!

Special : Dispersal Dream(T click)

-Weaker but much faster dispersal dream (ammo based)

Magic Ghol Brute (NEW): Main : Cleaver swing Special : Throw puss (ammo based)

-A beloved puss

Special : Swirl blast (T click self)

-Shoots 5 fireballs that attract other projectiles

Soulless whisperer (NEW): Main : Poison javelin Special : Javelin Volley (T click target)

-Throws a volley of poison javelins

Special : Summon mini soulless (T click self)

-Summon mini soulless

Bre-unor Avatar (NEW): Main : Boomerang Special : Multiple boomers (T click self)

-Throws a bunch of boomers

Special : Healing Totem (T click)

-Spawns a healing totem (ammo based)

Journeyman Shaman (NEW): Main : Shovel swing Special : Heal (T click target close range)

-Heal target (mana based)

Special : Lightning shovel head (T click target long range)

-Timed shovel head that sends out lightning

Dreamer : Main : Dream's grenade Special : Illusion (T click self)

-Creates illusions of itself for escaping or confusing the enemy.

Special : Darnkess dream (T click target)

-Holds target in place and deals slow damage (like mahir and deceiver)

Hints : The bombs can be blown up by dwarven molotovs or mortar and other explosive projectiles. Lightning based attack or necromancer shield repel them. Combos : Use a fetch or necromancer to throw away a friendly timed bomb at the enemy.

Mortar Expert : Main : Shotgun blast Special : Mortar round (T click)

-Shoots a high arcing mortar round, watch out for early explosions.

Special : Clone self (T click self)

-Creates 2 clones of yourself that have the same main attack.

Hints : The mortar expert has both long range and short range attacks. He is very vulnerable from attacks at medium range. Use the shotgun at close range for maximum damage The clones have a lot less health than the regular hero.

Arcane Archer : Main : Cold arrows and Fire arrows Special : Volley of arrows (T click target) Special : Charge a Fire arrow (T click self) and then click target

-The fire arrow deals more damage and sets ground on fire.

Hints : The volley is a long range attack, you can try shooting the volley at close range by T clicking behind your target. You will probably get a one shot kill if all arrows hit. Combos : Use the fallen's holding grasp to stun a unit in place and then shoot the volley! Counter : Easily hit a Necromancer at long range to stop his health leeching attack.

Dwarf Demolitionist: Main : Cocktail bomb Special : Proximity mines(T click self) ammo based

-Very lethal proximity mine is dropped at the dwarf's feet.

Ultimate: Fireworks (T click, aim rpg style 50%)

-Two molotov cocktails are thrown at the same time.

Hint : Remember that explosive damages can repel your bombs. Team mines are shown as red glowing orbs. Combo : You can detonate mines immediately if you lay them inside a Necromancer's bone armor. Counter : Destroy the frostmage mini-ball spammer with your explosives.

Fetch Elder : Main : Lightning strike Special : Lightning anti-shield (T click enemy) 100% mana

    -The anti-shield attracts any projectiles to the target and shoots out lightnings to nearby enemy.

Special : Chain-lightning (T click self) 100% mana

-Chain lightning that strikes enemies that are near your fetch.

Hint : The anti-shield is a great weapon against projectile throwing units. Only the necromancer's attack aren't affected. Counter : Lightnings are the only attacks that can penetrate the necromancer's bone armor.

Place the anti-shield in front of projectile throwing units to render them almost useless.

Pyromancer : Main : Firewall Special : Fireball (T click) Ultimate : Doom(3 targets) (T click enemy, long range)

-Hits the first target with minimal damage, then the 2nd closest unit with good damage then the 3rd closest unit with major damage. Watch out for friendly fire.

Hint : With Doom spell, always make sure your own units aren't near your target or you might end up getting hit by the strongest blow(the 3rd one).

Frostmage : Main : Slow frostball Special : Blizzard breath (T click self)

-Sends frozen air around the mage freezing anyone standing in the way.

Ultimate : Freezing frenzy (T click target)

-Summons an unmovable frostball that shoots frostballs all around.

Hint : Try using freezing frenzy in the middle of a big melee fight. Freezing frenzy can be countered by destroying the frostball with an explosive object.

Necromancer : Main : Syphon Life

Sucks the life out of the target and gives this life back to the necromancer. Target's drained life cannot be healed! Life given to the necromancer is permanent and will be added on top of existing health!

Special : Bone armor (T click self)

-Repels most projectiles and damages nearby units...

Ultimate : Deathball

-Deathball deals a lot of damage, but is very slow and easily dodged

Hint : The bone armor works like the fetch's anti-shield except that it repels everything. Keep in mind that it also detonates explosive objects. A good way to find enemy mines.

Manipulator : Main : Lightning ball Special : Charm (T click target) at melee range, take possesion of target unit. Special : Ethereal (T click self)

-Become invisible for 15 seconds.

Hint : Keep in mind that the Manipulator will reappear if attacking or hit by projectile. (same as pathfinder invisibility)

Blighted Guard : Main : Sword slash Special : Mass Heal (T click self) (ammo based) Special : Black Hole Ball of Ultimate Death

-Slow black hole ball that deals tremendous amount of damage!

Fallen : Main : Sword slash Special : Ghost Grasp (T click enemy close range)

-Holds target for a few seconds

Ultimate : Time Stop (T click)

-Stuns everyone for 5-8 seconds except yourself

Hint : Use this unit to stop other heroes from attacking you.