Gmod Beta v1.1 [beta]

by Kooln

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Gmod Beta v1.1 adds heroes with unique abilities throughout the campaign and many of the standard net maps. It needs much refinement I'm sure, however it is a blast to play. I hope you'll try it and have as much fun as I do. Across the netmaps traded units have been expanded to greater numbers, double in most cases. There are a few surprises with some of the heroes and multiplayer maps. Some teams on several of the maps will likely have unfair advantages. It is still experimental, just don't take it too seriously and at any rate have fun. I've added three versions to every single-player/cooperative map to changes things up. (The read me will describe more).

I started working on this mod about two years ago and decided to release it and try to finish it now. I hope to play this plugin online with you guys sometime and that you enjoy it.