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Crazy, awesome fun. The list of modifications is lengthy, but here are some of the things you can expect to 'freshen up' most of your old games (works great with M2, TFL levels, TSoT, CBI, GoC and many more! A separate tagset exists for WW2, but I can't put FrogBlast down long enough to upload it).

The short version:

1) FrogBlast can make impossible maps possible, and easy maps very difficult. There is a lot of chaos, but a skilled player can wield the new abilities to great effect. 2) Magic Balls are as fun and varied as their colors. 3) Pretty much everything in FrogBlast can hurt (a lot) if fired too close to friendly units.

The longer version:

• Turns any map into a blasted, smoking crater. • Warriors, herons, berserks, and trow can carry/throw small objects (including Magic Balls). • Archers have a 1 in 50 chance of firing a Dream Arrow. Needless to say, firing over the heads of your melee just got a lot more dangerous. • Dwarf grenades spawn Magic Balls and (usually) unlit bottles. Watch out for chain reactions. • Mortar dwarves use fireworks that explode above the enemy and rain down pus, fire, and other nasty bits. • Trow pieces are highly explosive. When a trow dies, it's best to be far, far away. The pieces left behind are good for a (short) game of hot potato. • Myrkridia (and Myrkridian Giants) have a lower tolerance before they go berserk. • Flame arrows and satchels can convert enemy units. • Warlocks often spawn chain fireballs • Thrall axes, when dropped, detonate after a few seconds and can spawn Magic Balls

Magic Balls: These come in two flavors, large and small. • Large Yellow - think bouncy warhead… • Large Red - standard red-smoke airstrike • Large Green - force field generator, good for dodging arrows or increasing range • Large Blue - flighty, but they heal on impact or area-of-effect on detonation • Large Purple - similar to blue, but has a 'hold' effect instead of healing • Large Black - explosions can turn these slightly painful annoyances into a field of death that melts the very ground • Large Cyan - lightning ball, extra effective against warriors and brigands • Large Orange - hits with the power of a trow punch--don't bump into one of these before it stops rolling

• Small Orange - the carrier gains the power of trow punch for a few strikes • Small Blue - the carrier gets a small number of area of effect heals • Small Green - grants the carrier strong resistances and the ability to create a limited number of Large Green Balls • Small Black - spawns Large Black Balls and, if you're lucky, some warriors to fight for you (must be on a map where you control warriors) * Small Purple - the carrier gains area of effect paralysis for a few strikes

There are a lot more things that you'll just have to figure out for yourself.