Forge of Tharsis 2: Hellmath

by malek of Idiot Map Making Collective

Date Unknown, the so called Hellmath

Shortly after the Trow removed the Demon lord's forces from the forge, the Trow then left for a place that no human nor other creature has gone before. It is described in the Total Codex but no one ever thought it existed, it is named 'The Hellmath the so called portal to the underworld. This unworldly plain looked like a desert until we stepped into this odd marsh.

In fear I sent some warlocks and fetch to warn the legion and ask for assistance. They are to return as soon as possible with help of any kind. I pray that they will bring some.

This marsh now glows as though possesed by more than flies and rats. It feels like we are no longer in the plain. The screams of pain and anguish constantly resound around this dismal place, it makes my skin crawl. Strange shapes have been seen lurking in the shadows. Some I recognise, others I don't. One thing remains certain, the man who created these strange creatures is extremely angry, his shouts of fury can heard wherever we are. An aura of pain and suffering fills the air, this will be difficult.

Unfortunately I have no clue where we are but I know that fear even lurks in the trow.


  • Concept and Creation - Malek
  • Colour map and overhead - Malek
  • Units - Haravikk
  • Bug Fixing - Haravikk
  • Scripting - Malek and Haravikk
  • Testing - Malek and Haravikk
  • Pregame and postgame graphics - Haravikk
  • Storyline - Malek
  • Testing for final version - Malek