Film Parser

by hmp


This is a program for parsing .m2rec recording files for the game Myth II Soulblighter. The file was reverse engineered using the game client and and a hex editor, and as such there are still portions of the file format that are a mystery or are read incorrectly.


  • Bulk processes directories of recordings
  • Outputs each recording to a separate text file
  • Parses: name, mesh tag ID, game build, time limit, planning time limit, game type, difficulty, plugin list, player list, packet list
  • All packets can be logged with timestamps, type (if known), sender, and the raw data
  • Chat packets are decoded to display the message and whether it was whispered or yelled
  • Movement packets are decoded to display the formation, unit IDs, destination/waypoints, and facing
  • General Action packets display the unit IDs and command subtype (stop, scatter, retreat, special ability, guard, or taunt)
  • Attack target commands display unit IDs for attackers and targets
  • Detach unit packets display who units are detached to and the unit IDs
  • Plugin download links are retrieved from


  • Requires java 17
  • Build to .jar or download prebuilt
  • "java -jar FilmParser.jar"
  • Select options on which packets to log
  • Enter path to directory containing all recordings to be processed

    Notes and Issues

  • TODO: figure out all the rest of the packet types and formats

created by hmp v1.1.0 update: Parse additional packet types and game information