CWR Palmito Ranch [beta]

by BattleWagon

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Palmito Ranch is arguably the last battle of the Civil War. It was fought May 12-13 in 1965. Robert E. Lee had surrendered a month prior, so this is technically a postwar conflict between some ex-confederates and a green, unvetted colonel who was salty he had missed the war.

Although the Union actually lost Palmito Ranch, you play as the feds in defense of the hill.

Canons were a deciding factor that the Union was deprived of. The French brought artillery over the Rio Grande in collusion with the Southern troops to protect some lucrative cotton trading (The North would have taken thousands of dollars worth of cotton if successful). However, for gameplay's sake, the Union does get canons in my interpretation of the obscure Civil War battlefield.

This is a beta. Any comments about playability problems are greatly appreciated!